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Also, why can no one seem to get through to him what NATO is and how it works. No one owes the U.S. money. Other countries spending more does not equal the U.S. getting anything. It's not dues, or rent, it's their OWN internal budget allocation. It's just... how does he STILL not get that?
Because he does not want to get that. This man is utterly immune to external information he does not choose to hear. Others have pointed out how he appears to have a zero-sum mentality, as well: he cannot conceive of mutually beneficial alliances because that means there is no loser and no winner. Getting through to him is simply not an option.

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Fun fact: Trump's mother was from the Outer Hebrides, and grew up speaking Gaelic. I hope he gets a chance to visit there, and stay for their lovely Wicker Man ceremony.
Oh, we can only hope...