I have yet to meet anyone in my super liberal big city who thinks Trump is anything but a stupid, deluded buffoon. Then again, we're well familiar with him and his antics.

The level of hubris coupled with delusion is kind of amazing. I keep wondering if he's aware he's just lying, perpetually, or if he's so far gone he honestly believes like, the people in a room with him, who did not and would not agree to immediately double spending goals they agreed to in writing four years ago (that have a deadline six years hence), just... actually agreed to double spending goals? It's bizarre.

Also, why can no one seem to get through to him what NATO is and how it works. No one owes the U.S. money. Other countries spending more does not equal the U.S. getting anything. It's not dues, or rent, it's their OWN internal budget allocation. It's just... how does he STILL not get that?