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If I were an agent, I would absolutely prioritise queries that look amazeballs, otherwise I risk losing out (esp if newish and still building a list). The rest I'd leave and either not answer or follow up later if I'm still interested and/or the hot stuff I've prioritised doesnt pan out.
Which doesn't seem logical to me at all.

Based on what I read, there is no "if I'm still interested" list. They either love it enough to request, or they pass. There's no prioritized list; there's just yes or no. I've seen folks like Laura Zats talk about having "maybe" feelings about a query before deciding. The time between thinking "Hm, I wonder..." and deciding yes or no is possibly twenty minutes.

I just disbelieve that this "well, if nothing better comes along" list exists. Agents don't have that much time to put into queries - the fifteen-second yes/no decision takes far more bandwidth than a lot of them have to spare in the first place.

And I suppose I'll never know if I'm right about that, unless I somehow become an agent myself.