I guess I dont see it as illogical.

If I were an agent, I would absolutely prioritise queries that look amazeballs, otherwise I risk losing out (esp if newish and still building a list). The rest I'd leave and either not answer or follow up later if I'm still interested and/or the hot stuff I've prioritised doesnt pan out.

A lot of agents now seem to say they will respond within 2-4 weeks or not st all, but if you bring up their data, the vast majority if requests are within 0-3 days in many cases, with only a handful of outliers being requested much later.

In a way, it's better. I write off most agents as CNR after a couple of weeks (you can track whether or not people who queried after you are getting requests which helps). I'm not sat here holding out hope four months down the line. Mostly.

British agents seem slower but they're usually more inclined to reply. Not always.