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Thread: What percentage of queries get some sort of response?

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    What percentage of queries get some sort of response?

    This isn't the same as the other thread asking about the summer slowdown, although it's related.

    I just don't have a firm grasp on numbers (percetanges) of responses to expect to a query. So that's my question here.

    I've sent seven queries beginning about six weeks ago. I'm holding now, to gauge response. I expect seven rejections, because I think this is the way it is, and I'm not bothered by that part of it.

    One agent said no fairly quickly.
    Two of the agencies said if they don't answer in 4 - 6 weeks = No.

    I suppose I was sort of expecting to get responses on maybe half, that those would be no's, or possibly a request for pages followed by no's.

    But for 6 out of 7 I've heard nothing at all. I'll put the two that said they don't reply with 'no's' into the no pile at six weeks, not a big deal, but that still leaves four up in the air. I don't really feel like emailing to check and that's not my question anyway.

    My question is, is this the normal definitive response rate for a no? Do 85% of agents really not respond at all (besides the auto reply 'got your query')?
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