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Hi everyone. I have finished my novel (geez, it still amazes me to say that) and I've been thinking about doing a little bit of low-key promo for it.

The problem is that I have not decided on my publishing route yet. (Trad or indie etc.) I don't have an agent -- needless to say I don't have a publisher either.

What kind of promo you ask? I wanted to register a domain with my novel's title and just have a landing page that links to my mailing list. (Well, the working title of my novel, I guess.) *Edited* - It doesn't have to be a whole domain; might just be a separate space linking from my current domain. The point is, when is it okay/safe to mention the title?

Is it a bad idea to do this when you are not yet represented and/or don't have a publisher yet? I won't be publishing anything from the novel on this site unless I am advised to do so by my future agent, or, unless I decide to self-publish and want to put up an excerpt. Or, whatever.

Stop doing this unless you're committed to self-publishing.

If you're interested in finding an agent and pursuing trade publishing, this is meaningless to problematic. Titles are placeholders. It'd likely change by the time it ever got to market, which would be years from now anyway.