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Thread: When to reveal the title of my novel on social media?

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    When to reveal the title of my novel on social media?

    Hi everyone. I have finished my novel (geez, it still amazes me to say that) and I've been thinking about doing a little bit of low-key promo for it.

    The problem is that I have not decided on my publishing route yet. (Trad or indie etc.) I don't have an agent -- needless to say I don't have a publisher either.

    What kind of promo you ask? I wanted to register a domain with my novel's title and just have a landing page that links to my mailing list. (Well, the working title of my novel, I guess.) *Edited* - It doesn't have to be a whole domain; might just be a separate space linking from my current domain. The point is, when is it okay/safe to mention the title?

    Is it a bad idea to do this when you are not yet represented and/or don't have a publisher yet? I won't be publishing anything from the novel on this site unless I am advised to do so by my future agent, or, unless I decide to self-publish and want to put up an excerpt. Or, whatever.

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