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So I have the beats of the story outlined (in my head -_-), and I know exactly how I want it to end. Really, I just started writing because I had an idea for a character and dialogue, and writing it in a pseudo-screenplay format was the fastest way to get the words out without worrying about things like picking a narrator and sticking to a narrative voice.

The piece is comedic, so I wanted to also make sure that the pacing and humor wasn't being weighed down with so much scene-setting and things that weren't funny.

And what's calling to me? Lately, it's been a comic book, I think. I understand the process of finding any artist, much less the RIGHT artist is a beast of a task.

Sometimes I wonder if I could just present it as something literary, but in the form of a screenplay? Like it doesn't have to be MADE into a movie, but it could be read like one? It's a really bizarre/absurd story, so I'm just struggling with how to even market it, or find the best angle to promote it from.

Ugh. If you can't tell, I'm pretty new to all of this. I know this is kind of all over the place, I'm just venting my anxieties on this thread. But that's what writers forums are for, right?
You said above it's 75% written, but here you say the beats are outlined in your head.

If you haven't actually written anything.... start writing something. I've not seen a movie script marketed as a novel and I don't know why one would be -- I don't think most people want to read a script. They tend to want to see a film or read a book (or a graphic novel) or both. There are certainly scripts sold, of stage plays, but they're scripts of stage plays.