I had (and still have) this problem with whatever I'm writing. But I have a love/hate with each format.

For novels, I love painting scenes and flashy dialogue. I'm in complete control of pace without worrying about how many pages it takes up. But I hate that the story in my mind runs faster than what I can type. And more often than not...even though I know how the story will end...I get bored of writing it about 75% through because I already played out in my head what's going to happen. So I lose the element of surprise.

For short stories, I love the fast pace of it. It's snappy. It's to the point. And the story is tightly woven. I hate that I can't expand on the characters. A lot of my stories involve back stories or certain universes that I need to create. Most of these never see the light of day in a short story.

For scriptwriting, I love that I can tell a story and create scenes about how I envision them to play out on the big screen. It's like the imagery in a novel but a little more succinct. There ratio to prose to dialogue is more equal as opposed to a novel where you can spend a few pages just writing about where the characters are at. I love that I write these faster than a novel but still able to tell the entire story. I hate that there's a page limit. After I write a first draft, I have to cut out chunks because of flow to get it under a certain number of pages. And you have to think in Acts like a play. (I.E. Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, Denouement) I don't want to be tethered to that some times. And if you're dealing with TV shows, you need to think about commercial breaks...but the raising popularity of Netflix is eliminating that thankfully.

For comics, I can't really speak for. I've been interesting in it and would love to convert some of my finished stories into comics but I haven't experienced it.

Lately, I've been all about scriptwriting for all the reasons I've said above.

But I had one story that lived as a poem, then a short story, then a (badly-written) novel, and now a script. It's much better as a script.

And considering I'm a cinephile with a theatre background, it's no surprise to me that I'd write best in script format. Just took me a LONG time to get there.

Write it in the format that intrigues you the most. You'll know if it's right or not. You'll just feel it.

Good luck!