Hi all!

I'm Gibby. I finally got up the courage to post – not sure why it took me so long.

Right. Basic info questions.
• What genres do you write?
• What do you like to read?
• How long have you been writing?
• Do you beta read?
• Do you have any particular hobbies? Are you an expert in any particular field or craft?

I write fantasy. Sometimes it's realistic; sometimes it's epic. I recently started writing novella and graphic novel-length pieces – but's that because I'm still editing down the 202,000 word mammoth hiding on my art desk. I just can't bring myself to start another brick until I 'finish' that one.

I read fantasy, mostly. Historical fiction pieces intrigue me. Sci-fi confuses me. Horror leaves me hiding under the bed (and it's far too dusty for me to squeeze down there now). I'm a bit of a literary wimp. As such, I've not read a ton of books that would be considered… recent. I need to fix that, I know.

I've been writing for over 15 years: nothing published and, for the most part, nothing serious. I just need to write, so I answer the call.

I would love to beta read, but I've never been asked.

I am a graphic designer – not a hobby. It's my sunlight life. My moonlight life is writer. And I'm a calligrapher – works in tandem with the writing. In fact, I'm studying to be a Master Penman – in a little less than 2 years or so, I should be creating my certificate (very inky fingers crossed). Other hobbies include, illustration, lettering, comics, and a bunch of other things that somehow involve lots and lots of paper. One day, in the distant future, I hope to turn that mammoth listed above into a contemporary illuminated manuscript, but there is a sea of red ink to cross before I can get to the gold leaf.

I just wanted to thank everyone that's added to these boards – they've been incredibly helpful to this would-be hermit. Thanks all!