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Thread: Ideas on how to make a business go bust, pretty please!

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    This isn't sabotage or quarreling: How about business incompetence?
    This is a semi-rural restaurant, and the owners are living well beyond their means? Maybe they have wildly misjudged the number of people who want fancy catered weddings and parties?

    Colleagues in London might be making a good living out of this, but that's densely packed people, in small apartments. Not sure how 'rural' your 'semi-rural' is, but if people have space, they may do their own parties, and if there aren't a lot of businesses, no fancy business 'dos'.
    Maybe your MC's are friends with whoever has money (living beyond their means is hard to do without competition) who hire them for things, but once they're all married, no more posh weddings, or big occasions, and all the locals aren't constantly having fancy events.

    Combine this with at least one of your MCs buying/hoarding supplies and decorations, because they would be perfect for this or that occasion, and they could end up supply-rich and cash-poor.

    (When one of the marketing execs at work was canned, they discovered that he had, over the years, accumulated a vast supply of stuff for give-aways at trade shows: dry pens, outdated calendars, etc. All personalized, and cases of it.)

    Combined with a few nasty rumours, and they'd have no way to fight back. To cover the up-front costs for a sudden big job, or get an exterminator.
    Brides can get really nasty when their big day turns bad. (Their mothers can be worse.)

    Then the fighting starts, as one MC accuses the other of whatever went wrong.
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