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Thread: Ideas on how to make a business go bust, pretty please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Al X. View Post
    From what I've observed, failure seems to be the norm for independent, startup cafes, particularly those located in rural areas. I think that you have to give them a lucrative market and a viable business plan to begin with to make failure by sabotage credible.
    That's what I was thinking. It's hard for small, independent business to survive as it is. Even if they're doing okay, they're not going to have a huge clientele, so anything that's going to put their regulars off from going there any more will cause them serious problems.

    If it's in a tourist location, then anything that's going to stop them from running effectively during the tourist season could easily put them out of business. A lot of businesses in tourist locations depend on the takings in July and August to stay afloat as there won't be much coming in for the rest of the year.

    The new branch of the business for parties/functions would also depend on enough people wanting them. In a rural location, there might not be enough people for the business to be viable, or they may find that they have to take on clients further away, which means greater travel and transportation costs. Again, it wouldn't take much to make this fail.

    Bad online reviews would be a very convenient way for a malicious person to sabotage a business like this. In fact a local business not far from where I live has claimed that their business went bust because of one person leaving bad reviews - at least that's what was reported in the local paper. I just looked up to see if I could find anything on the paper's website, couldn't, but found this from the local paper from a different town (there's nothing in the story to suggest any sabotage, but it illustrates how it only takes a few factors - in this case an increase in rent and burglars breaking in - to seriously compromise a small business)
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