I'm looking for beta readers for my 90,000-word YA high fantasy novel written in third person present tense. I mostly want to know where the snags are in the story--does the plot make sense, is the romance believeable, do any transitions seem too abrupt, anything that needs more description--rather than any kind of proofreading. I'm still working on revisions, but I'm hoping to have it ready sometime next week. I'm willing to consider a swap, but probably won't be able to read anything until the end of the month. Here's the current draft of the query:

Princesses are disappearing across the continent while the kingdoms bicker over which prince will have the honor of rescuing them. If the dragon-proof locks and army of knights failóand they willóseventeen-year-old Princess Kaiya has no intention of going down without a fight. In the end, the dagger she wields is no more effective than a needle against the dragonís hide.

Whisked away, Kaiya is holed up in a cave with the dragonís seven previous victims. Tradition demands she sit tight, wait for the prince, and avoid getting eaten. Flouting expectations and risking his wrath, Kaiya explores her new home, searching for a way out. Princess Shealyn is drawn into her quest as feelings burgeon between them. Together, they uncover a hidden cavern containing a magical sigil, too deep to have been created by the dragon.

When a princessís grave injury brings a sorcerer to the cave, Kaiya begins to believe there might be more to this than a simple dragon snatching. As princesses continue to arrive, Kaiya struggles to convince the others that they canít just sit around and wait for rescue. The dragon and the sorcerer are planning something and if she canít figure out what, their lives and the futures of their kingdoms could be at stake.