Unpacking is a good word to use in this instance IMO.

Every summer I take a few long trips on my motorcycle. In preparation I consider the number of days I'll be on the road, and whether any places I might stay would have a laundry. I pack ONLY what I'll need.

After a day in the saddle I get a room in a hotel / motel (I'm well past the age where camping is a pleasant option), and that evening I take from my luggage ONLY what I'll need the next day.

So my advice is t pack only what you need, and to use only what's needed for a scene or chapter.

That said, there is caveat. If you're world building, you need to unload a bit more initially so the reader knows where they are. Revealing that your story takes place in a dystonian future on a distant planet a hundred pages into your book is IMO a bad idea.