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Thread: What is the cleanest model for unpacking a complex backstory in fantasy?

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    I'm writing within a universe with powerful gods and creators too. I have struggled with this exact same issue for some time now and reading this thread has already directed me towards a greater understanding of how to write it.
    I think that having the warrior descendant of the Akrisos is great way to world build. you can have that character tell backstory and even show it.

    I use a lot of dialogue to tell my back story. Characters in my story often consult oracles, elders and scholars for advice and information regarding the strange magical world they live in. This works for because the world is mostly wild and civilizations have not spread until their borders meet. There is a lot of empty space to wonder about and fear. The fear and wonder makes the characters seek out information before traveling too far. I have only written total 20k words in this universe, and most all of it is the indigestible world building fibers that I use to weave my characters path. I have my characters know nothing and the reader knows nothing too. But the world like I said is full of mystery. When a character needs to find information the reader wants it too. At least I think that's what I'm doing.
    I have a book suggestion too: Terry Godkinds sword of truth series, AND Robert Jordans Wheel of time series. if you have not read.
    Hope this helps.

    EDIT: Another way I think you can world build passively is wit ha map. have the key note ancient places where important events of the worlds origin happen.
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