Sat Nam! (Literally "Truth Name"--a Sikh greeting)

A few notes about the reality of the West:

The word "cowboy" is not "cowman" because it was usually black men in those jobs. In other words, your cowboys should include several blacks. (If you're doing cowboys at all.)

Women really were stronger than the early writers depicted, but they weren't feminists. These two stories are from 1890-1902 rural Missourah, but they illustrate the point.

Story 1: Circuit riding minister is having dinner with my grandmother's family. Her mother says she doesn't see the point of educating girls beyond a certain point because they're just going to marry some clodhopper of a farmer. Minister basically says that he'll be marrying and that girl won't be marrying a farmer. Mother says, "Well, they might do worse!" [Note: not feminist]

Story 2: The wood hadn't been chopped for the woodstove. It wasn't the Mother's job to chop the wood. She mentioned the matter to her husband and nothing was done. When the wood was gone, she made the next meal and set it out on the fences. Men (husband and hired hands) come in asking for their dinner (meaning, their lunch). Mother says she set it out on the fences to cook in the sun. Men go out and chop wood!! [Note: but not weak]

Hope this helps.


Siri Kirpal