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Really great advice here. This is totally me as well and I dont know anything but... writing a novel is some kind of sick holy matrimony, and 60,000 words in when things start getting stale, a fresh relationship with that hot-new-idea-on-the-block is a difficuilt temptation to resist. But the difference between new things and old things isn’t quality, it’s time. (And endorphines) Something inside you sang when you first touched her. Find that note, and hold it until the parade passes.
Thanks, Jml42! And the crazy thing is, the story isn't stale--it's actually just getting to the parts I wrote the whole novel for, the parts that lit the spark. But I guess I just feel (unconsciously) that I know it so well, there's no point in writing it. That is obviously a very flawed way of thinking about it, since:
1. How will the story ever get written?
2. Every single time I thought I knew a story perfectly, I discovered new exciting twists along the way.

But the advice given here is indeed great, so I'll be on my way to story-land now.