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Thread: Daniel's First Beta Request-- Willing to Swap/Trade!-- Excerpt Available On Request!

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    Daniel's First Beta Request-- Willing to Swap/Trade!-- Excerpt Available On Request!

    I have written a contemporary fiction novella (34,547 words) and wish to have it beta read here. I do not know what to do with the manuscript once finished, as I'm not sure about the quality of the writing or whether it fits into publishing. I'd REALLY like to get it published, but I'm just not sure if the writing skills at my age (28) are there yet. However, if anyone thinks it's sufficient I would love help getting it out there. I would be looking for experienced beta readers rather than the casual hobby writer per se-- but I would accept ANY and ALL potential readers. Yet, keep in mind that I'll be all giddy if a published author wants to help me with this-- that'd be SO cool!

    Synopsis: A down and out young man discovers a dream clinic that offers an experimental treatment allowing him to enter the labyrinth of his dreams. When his treatment is discontinued, he enters into a dark realm of fantasy that threatens his mind, his heart and his life.

    The novel's inspiration comes from Carl Jung. If you're interested, PM me and I'll send you a sample.

    I really hope some people will help me!

    P.S. Willing to trade betas!
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