A few weeks ago I took the plunge and decided to sent a short story out into the big, wide world...yesterday I got the inevitable rejection. I *think* it's a good one, but not having a story rejected before, I dunno...Is there a gleam of hope in there?

Thanks Konstantine,

In the last few days I have been inundated with stories, so many that now I am looking for weird over just straight genre. Hard to explain really but now it is more a case of challenging me on emotional and visual levels as well as delivering the characters that make stories work. I am going to say no this time. And this may be hard to believe, but rejecting a story is really hard for me because I see the wonder of potential in everything. So, while I reject this story please know it is not a rejection of you, just the work didn't hit that weird spot in my mind that says buy.

All the best

(name withheld)