Hi all. I'm seeking a beta reader for a thriller set in a backwater of the Rockies. Out of the Valley is 72K words and has just emerged fresher and leaner from several rounds of self-editing.

Honest feedback is appreciated, even if it's of the tough love variety. I'm keenly interested in where the MS can be improved. That includes the bigger aspects of pacing or characterization as well as stylistic recommendations where you find lines of the prose to be jarring--whatever you consider to be the issues preventing the manuscript from being the best it can be.

Please PM me if interested. I can send a few chapters your way if you'd first like to get a sense of the style.
The back cover blurb is as follows:

Thereís a spirit in the valley, and itís dealing in death.
It rides on the wind and is known as the Reaper, and it has one deal for the dying: a soulís payment for a second chance. For one old man whoís bleeding out on the mountain, this sounds like a fine trade.
But for Dean Stott, who has high hopes for a hometown reunion, this means supremely bad timing.
The tale of a missing man sweeps him into a search party on the blizzarding mountain, and when the party returns, itís to the bodies of old neighbors cut up in dark corners and strewn along the valleyís only road.
Two truths are chillingly clear. The killer is close, and the killer isnít human . . . anymore.
With no way to escape and survivors in dwindling supply, itís up to Dean to make a stand, even if it means taking on a killer that might be immortal or a spirit thatís always greedy for one more soul.