I'm writing today. Doing pretty good right now by my own humble standards and averaging about 900 words a day. I'm pleased to be so productive.

I've had a hard morning watching our new puppy and have just recommended work on my latest project. Whilst working on a paragraph I found myself typing extra words, something my writing suffers from enormously. I think it's referred to as flowery writing.

I'm a good typist. In Geography class, there was a row of typewriters at the back of the class. The lesson was dominated by morons spitting at each other and causing chaos, so I'd retreat to the back and play with the typewriters. That's how it started, and now I type about as fast as I talk. I'm a little proud of it.

And that leads me to the flowery writing. I'm wondering if the extra words I type comes from some inbuilt desire to show off my typing speed, even if nobody is around to see. So the extra flowery words are a product of my typing skills and whatever psychological problems I have that make me want to demonstrate these to any audience, even an imaginary one.

No, not smoking marijuana today. Just thinking.

Have a great weekend everyone!