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The airline said Tuesday it was planning to hire a chief inclusion and diversity officer, and establish an office for “diversity, equity and inclusion.”
I wish I had a shred of confidence that this kind of thing can make a difference, but I don't. Employees keep getting sent to workshops and training seminars and retreats and companies keep creating new positions intended to oversee discrimination, and discrimination and harassment keep happening, often with much more tragic consequences.
Because the kind of large organizations that have diversity officers, workshops, training seminars and retreats are, largely, only annoying their employees. Someone in HR goes to a conference or reads a magazine and comes back with a brilliant idea for an expensive, pointless exercise in the technique-du-jour.
People are forced to attend, even if it has no relevance to their job/life whatever, and they get burned out. By the time something actually needs to be addressed, they've turned their minds off. I've known people who would rather work than attend these things: Cries of "I'll man the phone while the rest of you go on ahead!"

It's the front line people who need retraining (because didn't their parents teach them politeness, once upon a time?) and the best person to do it is their supervisors and managers - who know the people: the ones who don't get what the fuss is, the ones that need the message explained more slowly, and the jerks who are going to do exactly what they want. Good managers also know who the ones who wouldn't behave in a racist or sexist manner.
And if you don't have good managers and supervisors, fire them and get better ones.

Because for all the courses and classes and lectures, what gets the message across is a few well-placed firings. Or, constructive firings - put the people who aren't catching on, on the 'bad' flights. Keep them away from people. And, no nonsense about 'Oh, it's just random chance' - make it clear that they will be working back-to-back flights, or flights full of drunks, until they demonstrate that they've changed their ways or depart.