Cindy, well done with overcoming the bodily misery to go on & write

Congrats on the page and a half, Taylor

Congrats on the 318, Ptero - & I spect the lawn will still be there…

April - 37 pages in on a wing & a prayer - way to keep at it! There'll be gold (or monsters) ((or both)) by and by

Magnus! Hello!

Xen - yanno - it *is* nice to be know you can stay on your feet for 8 hours. When I first started about 18 months ago it was awful. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? AND - way to keep at it - 1.2K on a day you're wiped

Good - no - *great* swimming, getting 758 words in the face of all that

Nice work, Heather

Gough - congrats on revising 4 chapters. Keep at it!

Daniel - 1K and a date - nice way to head for the weekend

Cindy - sleep, beautiful sleep. And 691 words.. very nice

Day 11 (updating a day late because internets…)

WIP 1 1/4 page
R/SC - opened the Pile of Mail and sorted the To Do pile, took 3 bugscreens to the hardware store for repairs, went to the liberry to print up forms I need to fill in for a new doctor I'll be seeing, & got some fancy coffee beans for a treat
$$ - some market research, & some writing for my indy project