Pterofan: 510 is great; and typing up is still all part of it, so those words will count I’m really dreading the type-up, actually. Also, I’m genuinely upset at the thought of a lonely little alligator…

Magnus: Thank you And hope you feel better soon.

xenylic: Take care of yourself and those creative juices. Going up dead-ends is also another problem for us explorers BUT, remember – it’s all about the thrill of discovery! (Yeah I have a hard time convincing myself, too )

Keithy: Good luck with the latest version.

WGough: Oh dear… I wouldn’t call myself much more experienced! (Psst I have NO IDEA what I’m doing!)
I actually find the endings easier in the exploratory draft; it’s the bloomin’ middle I struggle with. Good job writing 604! Don’t feel guilty. Guilt is an annoying, pointless emotion. Feel awesome instead

Heatherless: Woo! Well done you

Cindy: I’m glad to hear you’re on top of things.

Despite annoying pen issues, I got my three pages in again. I’m considering upping to four, but I’ll wait a week I think, to really cement the three-a-day habit before increasing. I’ve definitely passed the midpoint, but I’m only on page 51 (and each page has around 400 words), so…yeah, it will be fun to see how long this thing ends up and where I can expand. I do tend to write short novels these days, but I’d rather be closer to 50k than 40k. Oh well, that’s a problem for future me!

Day 17: Decent bit; 6 miles; experiments with sweet potato