Magnus: Be kind to yourself when you’re not feeling your best. Project Crankup will launch when its good and ready.

xenylic: Yup, Elsa was right: we’ve got to let it go. My goodness, you’d never know you were knackered by looking at your word count! Nice job.

Keithy: Gah, sorry about the credit card. That’s happened to me three times and it’s a real pain. At least the banks are usually good and sorting it out (probably the only thing they’re good at). Nice work hitting 758 amidst all that. And yeah, 2nd drafts are for making characters sound like unique people with actual personalities

Heatherless: Good job finishing your research. I’m sure it’ll all make sense soon

WGough: Revising 4 chapters means you get some wine. *waves wand and delivers glass into your hand*

Daniel: Woohoo for passing the 1k line, and woohoo for second date! Hope it all goes well.

Cindy: Hurrah for sleeping and words! Believe your editor. Editors are wise

Layla: Okay I’ll take gold and monsters so long as there’s gin and a soft pillow, too. You’re fair on a streak at the mo! Defo deserve those fancy coffee beans

You can do it, Taylor!

Treated myself to a Starbucks today and so wrote my pages among other humans. Three pages is feeling like a good number to hit each day. I definitely feel like I’m in Act 2 now, and though I have a wee idea of what the story is about, I have zero idea how I’m getting to the end. Oh, the adventure!

Day 12: Decent bit; 8 miles; bread explosion, crumbs…everywhere