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Thread: Morality Clauses: Should publishers 'police' writers' behaviour?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VeryBigBeard View Post
    +1 to Albedo's post as well. This is exactly right.

    It's the absolute worst in journalism, and I say this as someone with a journalism degree who doesn't mind being on Twitter, personally. But I remember coming through my program in 2010ish, right around the time Twitter started getting big. The profs were still a bit skeevy about us finding sources on social media. Being from a rural area, I often covered rural issues. That, and sports. As such, I was hardly on social at all. But a lot of my colleagues got all their sources there, and now, just 6-8 years after I graduated (2012), the entire program is built around journalists being on Twitter and when a meme breaks it's like a car chase just came over the newsroom radio.

    I don't know why Twitter, in particular, creates such an impenetrable bubble. I think there are design reasons, but I can't say off-hand what they are specifically. Twitter's user-base problems are actually pretty well documented. It has nothing like the penetration of Facebook. Hardly anybody in the community where I live is on it. I helped run a local election campaign last year, and I was the only person, including the candidate, who was on social. We barely used Twitter at all. I don't think either of our rival candidates were on it, either.

    If Twitter accurately represented the zeitgeist, Hillary Clinton would be in the White House.
    I wonder if some of what makes Twitter (in particular) so attractive to certain industry cliques is the same that makes it impenetrable (and offputting?) to outsiders. It's opaque to join and comes without instructions for its non-intuitive interface. The etiquette around following, retweeting and liking just sounds more convoluted and ridiculous each time I hear an attempt to explain it. It's like a dying country club with lots of secret handshakes and no effort made to attract new members (and when you finally get in you find out it's full of Nazi frogs asking you if you're ethnically Jewish). I suppose the bonhomie might be fun if everyone in your field is interacting through it and you can deal with the trolls, but if not ...

    Yeah. There's a reason that Facebook has ~80% penetrance in most Western markets and Twitter has ~5-10%, despite us all knowing that Facebook's an all-consuming, data hoovering evil empire. It's cos it's not a pain in the arse to use and there aren't f*#&ing Nazis everywhere.
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