I got my nicest and most personalized rejection to date. The agent said the query caught her eye, and she read the manuscript (which was included in the submission). She said she enjoyed it, and that it was intriguing, but that she didn't like it enough to go forward. I'm fine with that. It's only the fifth submission I've made, so I'm pleased that she liked my submission to the extent she did and bothered to tell me. But I want to know if I can improve.

Here's my question, kind of (still processing here). I don't know why she didn't like it enough. I'm always attempting to improve what I do, and willing to re-write, but I'm suffering from a lack of feedback.

Is it okay to follow up with questions in these circumstances. Could I for example say (not wanting to be pushy) that does she have any comment as to why she didn't like it enough so that I could possibly strengthen it to improve the manuscript (for future submissions with other agents)? My problem is I'm kind of starving from a lack of feedback and an understanding of how I can improve.