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Thread: Have I been here before or is this just deja vu?

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    Have I been here before or is this just deja vu?

    Hi folks and thank you Lisa for activating me, personally. Thing is, the title of this 'newbie' post may not be as odd as it looks. Here's the thing... I have this notion that, many moons ago, I was actually a member here. I don't know for certain and it would almost certainly be in excess of ten years ago, on a cold dark night! I was writing a kiddie book back then called Boris and Sydney's Alpine Adventure and contributing into the songwriter section but it may have been another writing site that bore an uncanny resemblance to this one - I haven't yet figured out how to access the membership list, to see if my name is on it in any form... yet. Making no assumptions one way or the other, what have I been doing since I wasn't on this forum last? Well... though my first Boris and Sydney adventure was finished and I was writing my second adventure with them, things happened in my personal life which meant everything came to a juddering halt. It was a while before I got any impetus and momentum up again and it did actually require an intense and radical changes of direction. So where did I go? Well... some might say, I went around the bend! Actually, while that may not be far from the truth, it was a 'nice' bend (sort of) to go around. My new direction has taken me in the direction of, shall we say... maritime construction? Yes. That sort of covers it. Once I've gone through the obligatory '50 post' barrier, I will be posting some, if not all of it for discussion and (hopefully), improvement. You see my friends (if I may call complete strangers that - strangers being friends I've not met yet), you guys will be my front line editors/copy readers/critics. And, if you'll allow me, I will be the same for you. Well. I've said a good bit about me without actually saying much about me, at all. Maybe I should have been a politician but I've kind of gotten used to having friends.
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