Hi! I am an amateur fantasy writer on the hunt for a beta buddy who is interested in sharing their work and the struggles of drafting their first novel. My MS is incomplete, so I would like to find someone who's MS is also incomplete and would like to swap chapters (or just whatever they are working on) on a weekly/monthly basis. I am not a grammar guru, so I can't offer an editorial eye in that department. However, I am very willing to read and provide honest, constructive feedback on your work to the best of my ability! (And I expect that to be reciprocated!)

I was referred to this community by an author friend and am hoping to gain valuable insight on writing accurate fight scenes and describing gore in a way that is gross, but not too gross. Also, grammar threads on first person POV would be great! (Maybe those exist here??) So, if you could point me in the direction of any threads pertaining to these topics that would be awesome!

If you think we might be a good fit, please drop a line to say hello! I would love to swap a brief synopsis or excerpt via PM.

Off to the sci-fi/fantasy threads I go!