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Thread: Heat stroke

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    That happened to me in second grade. The school decided to make all the students go outside for 15+ minutes when it was around 90+ degrees, for a fire drill. When I was feeling the heat exhaustion, I wanted to go back inside, but I couldn't because the school wouldn't allow it. So, my body collapsed, and I suddenly remember waking up on the ground with sand on my face, with my teacher lifting me in her arms.

    My family wasn't originally from there, where it becomes very hot in the spring and summer months, which, when I was older, read could end up affecting even adults who aren't used to the heat.

    The school nurses blamed me, which infuriated me, saying I must've not drunk enough water during lunch or eaten enough and told me that from now on, I needed to drink more water (even though my teachers didn't allow students to leave the classroom whenever they wanted, just to drink water from the water fountains).

    I don't remember them apologizing; only my teacher was worried. They said I didn't need to be sent to the hospital and just cooled my body down with wipes and gave me water to drink, so I was just sent home, with my mother. I'd been at that school for at least a year, eaten my lunch and drank liquids, and hadn't ever had any problems, before. They were the ones who forced me to go outside in the heat when the sun was beating down, during a time when the local news warns people to stay indoors or watch exercising or exerting themselves. I was fine until I was forced to wait outside in the heat for several minutes.
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