Stimpacks are always appreciated! I've never really tracked my word count per day. My goals typically revolve around 2 to 3 chapters a week.

As for what my novel is about...never really had to answer that question. Its harder then one thinks. Well I guess this is as good a time to come up with a blurb as any.

"Following centuries of strife and chaos, peace and prosperity has come to humanities new home in the Elpis star system. A Golden Age of sorts, or so Detective Chyou Loukori had always though. That is until a routine case of corporate theft by the crew the crew of the Pyceria’s Purse turned her world upside down. Threatening to expose the greatest mystery of the ages, what really happened to the Destino Colony ship. A mystery that everyone would kill to control.

Meanwhile, Philip Reegan, King of the Republic of Walderwind, struggles to re-assert power stripped from the crown, dispite calls to abolish it all together . Matters are made worse when the same forces hunting for the Destino mystery, work to weaken the Republic and bring back its greatest enemy, the once mighty Zeeland Empire."

I've read better blurbs, but it'll do for now. My stimpack has run out.