So I initially signed up just to lurk but I figured if I ever want my work to be read, I would need to start posting too. So here goes...

Hi all.

I'm new to this whole writing thing. It all started while I was bored on a midnight test shift. I wrote down a few lines on my phone, not thinking much of it. Then one and a half years, and 165k words, later I actually finished the first draft. I was totally surprised that I actually stuck with it.

With pride and joy I showed it to my wife. Who promptly returned the draft with only the first few chapters all marked up, and a book about writing. And so my journey into revision and learning how to began.

I'm still working on that first work in progress, a Space Opera, going on to 3 years now. I never thought I would enjoy writing. Even the revision process isn't that bad. I've always liked reading, though I tend to stay with fantasy and science fiction. Never really got into any other genres.

I never heard of beta readers until I started researching the "next step". Sounds like it could be a fun thing to do, but given work and our first kid on the way...I don't think I could commit to that. I have a feeling I'll be lucky enough to keep in practice with my writing.

I've mostly just been lurking on the writing subreddit but figured I'd try to find a more closed off community to start sharing.

Hoping to learn a lot here, but more importantly to overcome my uncomfort with social media and posting.

Yay! Exercise #1 complete.

Now for Social Exercise #2. Get to 50 posts before September. Given my previous average of 1 post on forums per month...this will be a challenge.