You know there're generally rails there, right? Like, a high rail it'd be hard to push someone over, and often several. If you shove someone down and then push them through or shove someone from underneath but...
There has been some sabotage done to counter that

The wings, ime. I've never heard anyone use the singular. Also it's just wings, or wings stage left/right. I dunno what you want them for but in most theatres I'm acquainted with, while people can and do enter and exit the stage from either side, and those are both the wings, there's really only one side people 'use.' The other side usually has the fly lines, ladders to the catwalk, etc., and isn't roomy. The other side leads to the rest of backstage, has the podium, etc., etc. In case you've got people hanging around.
Thank you. That's what I needed. I'd thought it was 'wings' also, then left or right.