Second Fargo and Burn After Reading. Love My Cousin Vinnie. The Princess Bride is great (I mean it's William Goldman!) Best of all (won Oscar for best original screenplay) The Usual Suspects. Just brilliant writing and great plotting. Made me weep with jealousy. I tend to gravitate to movies when the bad guys redeem themselves in the end, so the Original Magnificent Seven.

TV series: The Americans, agree with Fringe and Justified. Also loved Lucifer and Sons of Anarchy. FX really attracts quality.

Comedy: 30 Rock. Went a bit off the rails at the end, but was hilarious.

Don't watch horror or family sagas or many sitcoms. Thought MASH was a great example of a movie that transitioned to TV very well.

Oh, and A Fish Called Wanda.

Thought the writing was stellar in all of these.