Hey guys,

I'm DarbyC, and I am thrilled to see how active this site is! I came here with a simple research question, not realizing that there was a veritable online city at work here. This is going to be a fun place to explore!

So for some stats and details about me.

I am from the Deep South. So if you need info on how to make great sweet tea, what 'real' BBQ is, do we all really talk with ridiculous drawls and the such, I'm your girl!

Reading? My reading taste is as varied as my musical taste. I am a huge Stephen King fan from old, and love reading Dean Koontz, Preston & Childs, and the like when I get the chance. I love reading a good romance, leaning towards romantic suspense (which is what I write). I have wayyyyy too many books scattered all over the big farmhouse I call home: on shelves, stacked on my hope chests, stacked on the floor, packed into baskets, etc. I am working on obtaining hard back copies of all of the OUTLANDER books (I will be looking throughout the forums to find the Outlander tribe, I know there has to be one...)

Writing? I have been telling stories since I was a kid. In 7th grade my English teacher (Ms Merck) told me she knew I was going to be a writer. I had an ongoing serial story going in a notebook that got passed around in class every week. That was when my first real 'hero' character came into being. I wrote various versions of his story for years, and I still have a notebook in my wardrobe about him. I don't think I will ever publish his story, as I am keeping him all to myself!

I have published a lot of confessions stories: as a matter of fact, every single story I submitted to the 'Trues' were accepted and published. I have not finished a novel as of yet, although I have several in rough draft. I get distracted easily, and my goal for this year is to knuckle down and get a draft finished.

That's a little about me. Can't wait to dig in to everything this site has to offer!