I was already excited about this, but now I'm positively thrilled. Along with building on what worked in Origins, Ubi is doubling down on the RPG elements and adding in dialogue choices & branching quests, romances, and the ability to pick your character (everyone's gonna want to be super-cool Sparta lady Kassandra, I'm calling it). Along with a lot of other stuff I'm pretty happy about, I don't know how they somehow got EVERYTHING (or close to it) I've wanted into an AC game, but that's what Odyssey sounds like. AC is a mixed bag, some installments deliver, some don't, but I feel like this is a good example of a dev listening to their fanbase and genuinely working to improve & expand the series. YMMV, there's also a lot of 'throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks'. But I'm very pleased at what I'm hearing for far, and, hey, Ancient Greece!