Hello all~! ^^

I'm FM5, or also my real name is Bree, and I am very pleased to be surrounding myself with like-minded individuals! (If not a little intimidated! Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen this many people online anywhere. EVER. So, this whole 'intro' is going to be a little shaky. XD)

I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and work some retail still at a Ross Dress For Less by day, and I'm a gamer, artist and most importantly writer by night...
Or by any other time I can get to myself.
Busy bee, busy Bree. XD

So, what brings me here?
Honestly? Depression.

I have been writing since I was young and even grew up writing alongside others on my own forum for years.
But now... We're all adults. We have busy lives. It's hard to find time to reconnect and share our works, if they even are working on anything at all.

I found myself lost in so much loneliness these past few days. I enjoy the quiet of my home - I live alone - to have no distractions while I write, but it seemed the quiet was getting...LOUD. I realized after I would make my snippets of writing for the day(s) that I'd look back over it, smile, and then just sigh because I knew I had no one to share it with.

No one to ask questions. Or bounce ideas off with.
Hell, even a criticism would be inviting every now and then.

But there's been NO ONE.

And then I started typing in 'Forums For Writer's' in Google, and sure enough came up a site that referenced so many forums...
And AW was the first mentioned. ^^

So, here I am. Fresh and new.

I've already read over some SYW threads, checked in on a few other topics here and there.
Gotta admit, my first thought on all this was, 'Omg, look at all these critics, I'll be eaten alive!'
But then I kept looking and noticed that, really, everyone is pretty nice. And helpful.

And as a writer... I rather someone be honest than just smile, nod, and pat me on the hand as if I'm a crazy person.
I mean, I KNOW I'm crazy already, so... XD

I'll be pleased to look around, view other works, share, and the like.
And maaaaaaybe I'll muster up the courage to share some in-progress work(s). ^^