1. It's just a personal thing with me, but I'm not into partial crits. There's a combination of complex, psychological and stubborn reasons. Too much to detail here. My mind might eventual change, of course. I've been dealing with artistic crits for nearly 35 years. The concept is very familiar. Query/synopsis help is another matter, though.
2. Thank you Toothpaste for the reference. I will look into them. I read so seldom anymore. Not an exxageration, I spend all my free time writing. I'm away from home either working or driving 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. I write on my breaks, I write on weekends, at my daughter's softball games, and I think about my plot points while I drive. I'm obsessed, not proud of it, but honest about it. I've been trying to read other author's work that have been corresponding with me, and wouldn't mind trying to read one of Mr. Butchers, but I'm not sure when I'll get to it.
3. I'm not a fan of reading a 2k word draft, too, Patty. I will if asked, but not a fan. I find it hard to relate to stopping at 2k words and wanting feedback. Why stop at 2k? Feels alien. I know it's helpful to a lot of people though, and important. Just not my personal preference to read or submit.