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Thread: Mention Beta reader responses in a query?

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    Everybody has to make time around other things. It's a good day if I sit down before 11pm to write, and it all needs to fit into a couple of hours. My critique partner regularly works fifty hour weeks, with a lot of weekends. Everybody is writing in the margins of life.

    Critiquing is a part or writing, though, and reading usually is too.

    Ditto for a lot of other stuff you're laying out as unusual; I would say most of that is normal experience. Lots of people write adult and very few books conform tightly to genre boundaries, especially in sff. Queries are tough and take months to learn the first time round. Etc.

    I'm not mentioning that to kick off off a game of one upmanship. My only point is that the suggestions to read and crit aren't coming from millionaire writers luxuriating in mansions :p They are generally made on the understanding most of us are busy and that everybody worries how their book fits into the general market.

    Obviously not all things are possible; there are only so many hours in the day. So people suggest what's worked for them.
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