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Thread: Mention Beta reader responses in a query?

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    (btw, publishers want more than YA and woman centric or else I wouldn't be published and a bunch of my friends wouldn't be published. It's unhelpful to think of yourself as so unique and special and weird that no one wants you. It might feel good, as it places the issue with the work on the shoulders of others, but the facts are weird, unique and special get published all the time. A book is only too long if it reads too long, long books also get published all the time it just requires proving that the book needs to be that long - my first book was twice the length of the usual for that genre. Maybe this book really doesn't work for the industry, but don't define it by such narrow margins as it only makes it seem like you don't know the industry at all and are bitter at the YA/Women's Lit market)

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