I'm hoping you lovely people will help me brainstorm. I...can ask to brainstorm here, can't I?

I need magical talents, and I'm coming up short. The focus of most books is the big talents, the ones that can literally move mountains and shake worlds. I need small ones, mostly harmless, and bonus points if they're somewhat goofy.

Some examples:

  • Fire powers that can only light candles and warm tea.
  • The ability to control and influence frogs.
  • The ability to change one's hair color and style.
  • Making the sound of laughter bubble out of the ground.
  • Making small colored lights.
  • Shifting the weight of small objects, like a cookie.

And so on.

I'd really like other heads to help me out; I've been pondering this for days without coming up with much. I'm hoping a little crowdsourcing will jiggle something loose? Any help at all will be appreciated.