Hello, my name is Frigyes W. Balog. I am living in Hungary and I work as a technician at Lenovo. Beside of the technological life, I work at home as a writer. Honing my skills every day and brainstorming in my quiet hours. I love fantasy books and stories and spend a lot of time reading them. My mother language is Hungarian, but that didn't dissuade me to start writing a novel/ ebook on English. I feel that I have to tell this expansive story that came to my mind, to share it with as many like-minded people as I possibly can.
Some say we live for our dreams, and I can tell you that those dreams that cavorting constantly in our minds are the ones that drive us forward. They motivate us to be better in our crafts in our lives. For me, it is to create a universe, a fantasy world that can grab people from their everyday life and take them to an amazing adventure.

And for closing, I would like to share a thought that never leaves my head. The moment just before the failure is the anteroom of success.