You'll have noticed our AW chat channel topic has been blank for the past few days, and apparently the nick server wasn't working (but it really was).

I talked to the helpy folks on the #starchat channel who said an upgrade had resulted in some nicknames being lost. Because channels are tied to the founder's nick, they vanished into the morning mist also, I presume.

I had to re-register my nick. Here is how.

To do this, you have to be in IRC, as your chosen nick.

Go to the Console window, don't do this in a shared channel, so that if you accidently typo something no one will see your chosen password.


/ns register urpasswd uremailaddy

This will fire an email to your given email address, mine said:

You have requested to register the nickname Derek on StarChat.
Please type " /msg NickServ CONFIRM 18N93zakE " to complete registration.

I completed this already so that one-off secret code is no good to you, you can't be me! As much as you might want to.

(Just saying, previously I would have entered:
/msg nickserv register [email protected] password
But the upgrade has resulted in changed IRC commands, it's now the password followed by your email address.)

And that's it. Shout if any problems!

The AW chat channel is re-registered also, business as usual I hope from now on.