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Thread: Everyone! Gotta re-register your IRC nicks! [10 Jun 2018]

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    Services Upgrade

    Ah! GUARD is gone. SECURITY does what GUARD used to do. Setting KILL on set the option called "protection." Preliminary guess.... Security acts as GUARD (gives them time to use another nick). Kill/protection (whether security is on or not), if turned on, is more militant; it should disconnect the user for using the nickname (an automatic "ghost" command from Nickserv). Maybe I am wrong.

    KILL does nothing; it is a useless command, from what I can tell.

    SET AUTOOP Sets whether services should set channel status modes on you automatically.
    SET DISPLAY Set the display of your group in Services
    SET EMAIL Associate an E-mail address with your nickname
    SET GREET Associate a greet message with your nickname
    SET HIDE Hide certain pieces of nickname information
    SET KEEPMODES Enable or disable keep modes
    SET KILL Turn protection on or off
    SET LANGUAGE Set the language Services will use when messaging you
    SET MESSAGE Change the communication method of Services
    SET PASSWORD Set your nickname password
    SET PRIVATE Prevent the nickname from appearing in the LIST command
    SET SECURE Turn nickname security on or off
    SET URL Associate a URL with your account
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