I'd be happy to exchange! My writing background is more in historical fantasy and supernatural horror, but I'm always down to read fantasy. I've also been looking for people to bounce ideas off of. I'm not quite in the same situation as you. My current project is 5 years in the making and almost finished...at 37,000 words. So more of a novella. The people who have read it I can count on one hand though, so I'm looking for beta readers (but I also don't want to just foist my work off on someone, it should be a mutual exchange).
My story, Godslayers, is a supernatural horror with historical fantasy elements set in Colorado at the turn of the millenium, with trips back to certain important events in the 20th century. If that sounds interesting to you, great! If not, I'd still be happy to shoot the breeze.

If all else fails we can talk games. I'm a gamer as well :P