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Thread: We USers are now officially in a trade war with our border neighbors

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    Quote Originally Posted by nighttimer View Post
    Beg to differ. There is a method to Our Supreme Leader's madness. It's simple. It's direct. It's as Trump as Trump gets.

    The Trump Doctrine is, "We're America, Bitch."

    America is led by a moron who goes out of his way to be boorish, rude, vulgar and nasty to our allies and praise, flatter, applaud and suck face with tyrants, autocratic strongmen, dictators, and psychopaths. Welcome to the New Abnormal.
    While I agree with the last paragraph here, I can't agree that Trump's doctrine is "We're America, Bitches," simply because from everything I've seen of the man, he never thinks in terms of "We." That "we" is wishful thinking on the part of the speakers, who are still clinging to the illusion that Trump is loyal to anybody or anything but himself, and projecting their own sense of civic pride onto an individual who, going simply by his title, reasonably SHOULD be expected to share in it, at least to some minimal degree. An unpatriotic president seems as bizarre, as almost-unthinkable, as an athiest pope.

    As far as I can determine, his entire existence focuses around "I, me, mine." He views this country the same way he views his real estate, his own personal property to profit off of as he sees fit. He takes criticism of the country as a personal slight.

    In light of that, I'd say his leadership style, if such a crude, childish approach to world affairs can be called a "style," is more accurately described as: "I'm America, bitch."
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