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Thread: The Amazing and Mysterious Guess Who Game!

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    The Amazing and Mysterious Guess Who Game!

    OK. Here's the rules:

    1) Someone will post a picture of someone notable. Then, people will guess who it is!

    2) The point taker will then be able to post a picture, painting or rendition under the same parameters.

    3) The score will go to 5. Each correct guess is worth a point. That person is declared the winner of the round! Competition time! At that point, for the duration of the next round, someone will make their own rule! It will be enforced! Said rules are annulled at the end of each round as new ones come into play.

    4) Please no cheating. It ruins all the funsies!

    5) Have fun with it!

    I'll start.

    *Yes, you can give hints!*
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