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Part of the problem is that the Democrats are the "everyone else" party. There are conservative Democrats and liberal Democrats, and the main thing unifying the party is the idea that government should actually work for the people instead of being starved in favor of corporations. This is a much fuzzier concept than "get rid of immigrants" and "abortion is bad" and "I should have a right to do whatever I want based on my religion."

It's very easy to get Democrats to start infighting, because there are a lot of things about which Democrats disagree. We see it as inclusiveness and nuance, and often it is; but in national elections it's a doomer because it's too easy for us to get distracted by which fork goes next to the plate instead of who's invited to dinner. If 25% of the people vote GOP and the other 75% are split among four different fork-placement coalitions, we lose. Every time.
Excellent points.