KayMitch - Nice word count!

Layla - Clearing out clutter is alwaysh good for the headspace, I've found (I really need to clean my table >.>)

Keithy - Oh gods, I shudder at the thought. I couldn't live without indoor plumbing and proper baths. I hope things with your wife's family get better soon and good luck.

LadyRed - I feel you ;_; So much. That was basically me the entire month of May and part of April. Keep swimming and good luck!

Daniel - Awesome on both counts!

April - Grats on your edits and good luck hitting that deadline!

Taylor - Aw yeah, kick that word count's butt! Nice progress

Skara - Fingers crossed that tomorrow is more productive and that your brain box cooperates ^^

Really short update for me, mostly not about writing, believe it or not. I did manage to get another chapter and a half done in my notebook at work, but since I'm considering cutting a third of the first act anyway, I'm not sure if that's progress XD But I promised myself: no editing until the first act is drafted. Just keep swimming.

On a more personal note, I've decided to go completely grain free, due to health reasons. So kinda paleo, but with dairy. And I'll be getting my carbs through sweet potatoes and fruit from now on. Needless to say, I've gone 3 days with "paleo flu" that comes from when you do the thing and your body freaks out. Oddly enough, I have more energy to write, so I guess, even with the flu-like symptoms, this can only be a good thing, haha.

Keep trucking everyone and good luck!