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Thread: June Challenge - Write Every Day

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    Quote Originally Posted by April Swanson View Post
    Honk honk. Drive-by for me, folks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Taylor Harbin View Post
    Up at 5, just under 1000 words done!
    Woah! I woke up at 11:20. I guess I'm officially a night-owl now.

    Nicely done! 1000 is DEFINITE progress!

    Quote Originally Posted by SKara View Post
    As for me, I had a slow day trying to figure out the progression/structure of the main subplot. During the last fifteen minutes, though, an epiphany hit, and I realized what was wrong. So I guess that counts as success.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lakey View Post
    Iím going to make it official and bow out of the thread for a while; certainly the rest of this month and most likely July too. I might be back later in the summer, and Iím sure Iíll still be around AW and the Historical Fiction area of SYW (I'm about to post something there, unless I lose my nerve). But ďwrite every dayĒ is not a feasible goal right now, between work and some recent family-related developments. And I admit Iím finding it hard to cheer everyone on at a moment when my own goals are irritatingly out of reach.

    I am sorry for that, and I do wish you all very well. I am glad to be a part of this little family and appreciate all the kind words and inspiration youíve given.

    Love and dirty martinis,

    Well, I'll still look, and comment, on your SYW pieces. Completely understandable-- life has to come first. Still, I'll be sad not to see your updates.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pterofan View Post
    The "day job" ate up most of the day. Around 11 at night I got out a notebook and scribbled about 100 words of ... something. This is my default when I don't actually write: snippets of dialogue, story openings, flash scenes, anything so I can claim "I wrote today" with a clear conscience. Most of it's worthless, but sometimes I get ideas for future projects. No writing ever really goes to waste.

    Today is turning into a repeat of yesterday, but the assignment goes back tomorrow. I'm planning to devote my weekend to writing and yard work.
    Hey, that's still progress! I look forward to your weekend posts! I'm staying in as well!


    As for me, I'm aiming for 5000 tonight. I'll have LOTS of tea to keep me going and I feel great. Only 2 pieces of nicotine gum today. I''m actually even beating the "quitting timeline." They want me to take months to get down on the gum and so forth. I want to be done with it by the end of summer. Then, when I go back to school, I'll be even better than before!

    I like this quoting method to catch up on posts. I think I'll do it again. You are all winning writers in my book. You all shine like the stars you are!

    Wish me luck.
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